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 John 21:25 (KJV)


"And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen."

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The Kingdom of Heaven and The Kingdom of God

A Bible Study of "The Kingdom of Heaven" and "The Kingdom of God":  The purpose of this study is to define and give meaning to the context in which "the kingdom of heaven" and "the kingdom of God" is used.. 

100 pages

Price: $12.00 - Free shipping/handling in USA

The Eternal Role of Israel and The Church With Christ:

This booklet takes the traditional understanding of Israel and the Church and presents the comparison of various biblical concepts. It presents the biblical evidences of who the Bride of Christ is and the final state of Israel and the Church and their role and citizenship in the new heaven and the new earth. God has a special calling and purpose for each which will be fulfilled according to His Word.  The Church and Israel will both be ecstatic in whatever eternal role they play in God’s great plan.  Neither the Church nor Israel will be disappointed, but pleasantly rewarded with every promised blessing, and will be in the presence of an Almighty and loving God throughout all eternity.  The hope of the Church and Israel remains in Christ our redeemer.  

55 pages 

Price: $10.00 – Free shipping/handling in USA 

The God Factor In A New Frontier

This book debates controversial doctrinal positions of eternal security, predestination, backsliding, etc.  Learn the difference between being born again and being saved, confessing sin or confessing Christ, the difference between perfect love and love perfected, and what to teach about being born again (includes the book "One Love").

199 pages

Price: $10.00 - Plus $5 shipping/handling in USA

The Five Major Doctrines of Romans 

The book of Romans is the foundational structure of the church of our Lord Jesus Christ.  It alone contains the five major doctrines of the church as it was given to Paul by Jesus Christ. "These major doctrines are: condemnation of sin, justification, sanctification, glorification, and consecration."  

136 pages

Price: $10.00 - Plus $5 shipping/handling in USA

Basic Christianity:

Basic Christianity is a basic study of the following subjects: Authority of the Scriptures, Why Study the Bible, Prophecies Concerning Christ in Isaiah, New Testament Portrayals of Christ, Old Testament Prophecies Fulfilled Concerning Christ, The Divine Call (of mankind), The Church, Spiritual Gifts, Spiritual Development, Spirit Baptism, Faith, Prayer, and Stewardship of the Believer. Because this book was written for Christians in India, there is a section on the Basic History of the Church with emphasis on India.  It includes testimonials of the ministry of Bible Living Ministries, Inc. in India.  Basic Christianity has been translated into the Telegu, Hindi, and Nepalese languages, which are available in India and Nepal only  (English version only available here).  

136 pages

Price: $10.00 - Plus $5 shipping/handling in USA

Foundational Principles For Establishing a Biblical Christian Life

Presented here are three objectives:  To help establish a Godly foundation for your life; To present the first step in becoming a disciple of Christ; and, To present a Philosophy of Ministry of the Christian faith.  Co-Authored by Lloyd J. Phipps, Th.D. and James A. Burkett, D.Min. 

205 pages

Price: $15.00 - Plus $5 shipping/handling in USA

To purchase any of the books listed above please email: 

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